Monday, November 07, 2005


Think your favorite band is better than my favorite band? How would you prove it? What makes the "greatest band in the world?" For me, its huge guitar solos, meaningful singing and a tight rhythm section. A good example of a song that fits this description is Honky Tonk Woman by the Stones.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I. What makes the greatest band in the world? (Basics)
A. Vocals
B. Guitar(s)
C. Bass
D. Drums
E. Piano, organ, keyboards (optional)
F. Good Studio Band
G. Good Live Band
II. What makes a great band? Great Songs! What makes a great song?
A. Good vocals
B. Great Guitar Solo
C. Moving Lyrics
D. Tight Rhythm section (Drums and Bass)
III. Cool people in the band (People you'd Want to hang out with)
IV. Been Together for a long time
V. Inspire many new artists
VI. Under this criteria, great bands
A. The Rolling Stones
B. The Grateful Dead
C. Parliament/Funkadelic
D. Jefferson Airplane
E. Pink Floyd

Finally found a topic!

I have finally gotten a topic drumroll please... "What makes the greatest band in the world?" This is so perfect i'm about to cry. Well, what does make the greatest band in the world? For me, its blazing guitar solos, great singing and a tight rythem section. On to the outline!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

i need a new topic

yeah, my other topic go shot down by ms. goode and now i need a new one. so you people need to send me a comment with a topic idea. now.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I wonder...

This is a wonder log. yeah. My research topic was originally why are things funny but then it was too hard. So I just yesterday found a new research topic. Why do planets rotate around sun without crashing into it? I don't know. This topic seems alot easier than the last one. I haven't actually researched it right now so i don't know for sure. I'M NOT READY TO START WRITING. Crap, left caps lock on there... Yeah, I'm not ready. need to research, now.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Everyone is evil

apparantly i am technically retarted because all these people know how to use this blog crap and im is way behind. so now i have to write about my research project which i don't remember oh yeah ms. goode reminded me i asked why things are funny. so i really dont have a topic. great. thats ridicolus ameila just made a really retarted joked that was offenisve to me and thats prety hard. hey that applies to my project. sweet.